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UOW Prospectus

University of Whatever clothing is designed for people that opted out of student life, and non-conformist rebel students that wouldn’t contemplate buying one of those bloody awful college hoodies, unashamedly worn by so many flag bearers. 

Look fresher and get on board with some of this season's statement clothing at UOW.

Unlike many other, so called, aspirational brands, at UOW we do not sell pretences, and at a premium. 

Apologies in advance but wearing UOW will not transform you into Britain’s next top model, a sun-kissed surfer, or a stacked underwear model. 

But, if you don’t buy into this pretentious tosh, congratulations. 

Our team's love of the simple things is consistent with our clothing – simple designs using high impact colour combos.

Our range evolves quicker than you can get to the bar, producing fresh gear in our UK studio each month. Limited edition class of pieces launched every two weeks.

Our super comfy hoodies and joggers will be your go-to garments after a heavy session or long day, and our statement crews and tees team up perfectly with your favourite denim sneaker combo.

Clothing for the pub, club and sofa. Wear UOW Regardless of Vocation, Location & Education!

Comfort over conformity,

The UOW Dean.