For Him

We've created a great personalised gift idea, which gives you the platform to take the p### out of friends & family, combined with giving them a cool piece of UOW clobber. 

Struggle with gift ideas? Bored of being told what to buy? Looking for a one stop shop for all your gift needs? Or just bored of paying over the odds for the usual tat?

Our personalised gifts are perfect for friends & family. They will receive a quality gift box, with a quality college hoodie or tee and a degree certificate in the subject of your choice.

The degree subject is completely up to you, so be as nice or as horrible as you see fit! If we think your degree subject is a tad dangerous we'll leave it blank for you to fill out yourself. 

Make your life easy and get the whole family one - A premium gift with bags of p### taking potential - We only accept nice degree titles for mothers & grandma's.