University of Whatever – Purveyors of statement college clothing & worthless degrees.

We design & manufacture Varsity inspired British Sportswear, and throw in a degree certificate to have some fun with. Treat yourself, or use our quirky offering to surprise friends, family or colleagues. The degrees offer a great platform to be nice, nostalgic or rude!

The college clothing range combines simple design, statement prints & outstanding quality. The degrees are pointless but fun. Do with them what you like but don’t moan. People spend years accumulating significant debt and various ailments & come out with something just as useful.  They look great on the wall, in a drawer & at the bottom of the bin.

There are no prerequisites to enrol at UOW. The brand encompasses anyone and everyone with no elitist messages. You don’t have to be a polo champion, a ripped surfer, or a vacuous sunkissed SoCal Socialite to wear UOW's college hoodies, sweatpants & t-shirts.  Don’t be shy & share your degree on our social media using #universityofwhatever.

Wear UOW, regardless of Vocation, Location & Education.

Track & Chill College Clothing.